École des Mines de Nantes / ARMINES (GEPEA UMR CNRS 6144 Laboratory)


La Chantrerie BP 20722
4 rue Alfred Kastler
44307 Nantes cedex 3

Valérie Héquet
Tel: +33 2 51858269
www.mines-nantes.fr and




The research unit UMR CNRS GEPEA brings together research teams from the University of Nantes, Ecole des Mines and ENITIAA. The laboratory represents more than 190 researchers, lecturers, engineers, technicians, PhDs and post-docs. Fundamental and applied researches are carried out to develop engineering processes in the areas of environment, food and exploitation of marine resources. The research activities of the environmental engineering team focus on treatment and purification of water and air, on processes modelling, transport mechanisms, value adding to wastes.



  • environmental technology
  • water treatment
  • photodegradation
  • micropollutant analysis