Innovative Research and Technology ltd


91, Westbourne Terrace
W2 6QT, Lonodon

Panos Aloupogiannis
Tel: +44 207 26 25 600




InnovativeRT (IRT) is a technology investment, management, and transfer company incorporated in London, UK. Its mission is to identify and invest in disruptive ideas in energy, environmental technology and engineering, including nanotechnology, and the life sciences and assist their development into innovative, enabling, and strategically valuable products. IRT has a strong relationship network with leading research centers in Europe, which is complemented by extensive ties to the financial and industrial community.

In the recent past we have focused on the promotion of UV-vis activated photocatalyst technology towards the development of applications for the health products and cosmetics sectors. To this end we are leveraging our IP portfolio towards the financing of spin-offs that will develop commercial prototypes for evaluation by strategic partners. In addition, we have the acquired the rights to develop a commercial-grade manufacturing facility for photovoltaic products based on dye-sensitized solar cells, a technology that is enabled by nano-structured photo-activated materials.

In parallel we are pursuing the financing of ventures related to energy generation from renewable sources, water desalination and pharmaceutical base identification. Specifically related to the renewables we have begun an extensive collaboration with leading European integrators to identify, finance, develop, and manage photovoltaic installations in Greece.



  • technology investment, management
  • technology transfer
  • active in the energy, environmental technology, and biotech sectors