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Evangelos Kantilaftis
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Since 1985, OSMO SISTEMI S.r.l., as a leader in the field of primary and waste water treatment technologies, deals with the design, production and market of reverse osmosis systems for industrial, nautical, agricultural and civil use. OSMO SISTEMI's activities consist mainly of water treatment plants design and realization, through material purchasing, its assembly in house, installation on site, commissioning and start up. The company is sometimes involved or undertakes the full operation and maintenance of the sold plants. Most of the plants are custom built to meet the client’s requirements. However, there are also standard product lines offering the client a quick and reliable solution to his water supply needs. In OSMO SISTEMI's activities belongs also research and development engineering work so as to provide the industry with innovative solutions using Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration technology. Staff qualifications: six University Graduates, nine High school qualified, seven skilled technician.



  • reverse osmosis plants for drinking water production
  • primary water treatment plants
  • ultrafiltration plants for industrial use
  • reverse osmosis plants for industrial and irrigation use