Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Department of Biotechnology Engineering


Marcus Family Campus (Ben-Gurion Blvd)
84105 Beer-Sheva

Amir Berman
Tel: +972 8 6472400




The Department of Biotechnology Engineering in Ben-Gurion University (BtE-BGU) was established in 2000. Its prime mission is to perform research and train students for the developing fields of novel bio-materials and devices for medical and environmental applications. The broad research interests of the department's faculty have emphasis on biotechnology cutting-edge areas, such as tissue engineering, smart biomaterials, biosensors, biochips, nanobiotechnology, genetic engineering, proteomics, and glycomics as well as traditional biotechnological processes such as bioreactor cultivation, separation processes for the production of biopharmaceuticals or controlling environmental air and water pollution.



  • nanobiotechnology, tissue engineering
  • smart biomaterials
  • biosensors, biochips, genetic engineering
  • proteomics
  • glycomics
  • traditional biotechnological processes