Lund Universitet - Center for Molecular Protein Science, Department of Biochemistry


Paradisgatan 5C
SE-22100 Lund

Per Kjellbom
Tel: + 46 46 222 4195




The aquaporin research group at Lund University is actively involved in molecular studies of plant and human aquaporins: Aquaporin regulation at the gene and protein level using biochemical and genetic techniques as well as cryo-electron and X-ray crystallography. The aquaporin group with approx. ten staff members is part of the department of Biochemistry which has 15 PhD, 4 postdoctoral researchers and 6 senior scientists, all of which are engaged in research related to membrane proteins and signal transduction across biological membranes. The department is well equipped for doing biochemistry and molecular biology and belongs to the Centre for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Lund University, which has more than 1000 employees and expertise and equipment for all aspects of chemistry.



  • aquaporin proteins, biomolecules
  • enzymology
  • membrane biochemistry
  • bioenergetics
  • proteomics and genomics
  • signalling and regulation
  • structural biology