Málaga University - Department of Applied Physisc (S 6144 Laboratory)


El Ejido s/n
E-29071 Málaga

Juana Benavente
Tel: +34 952 131929




The research group for Electrical and Electrokinetic Characterisation of Membranes and Interfaces studies the transport of electrolyte solution across different kind of membranes, the membrane-solution interface (zeta potential) and the membrane surface. The expertise of the research group is in the studies of transport/rejection of salts across reverse osmosis membranes and the adsorption/ deposition of macromolecules (proteins) on porous membranes. Modification of membrane transport as results of polymer modification in the case of dense membranes (polyamide, sulphonated polysulphone), incorporation of specific carriers into the active sublayer of composite polyamide/polysulfone membranes to increase membrane selectivity or the inclusion of room temperature ionic liquids into the pores of polymeric porous membranes (supported liquid membranes) have also been studied. Lately, studies included the effect of gamma-irradiation on structural and transport parameters of polymeric and inorganic membranes.



  • electrical and surface chemical characterisation of materials such as electrochemical devices, ionic/electronic conductors, membranes etc.