Vilnius University - Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry


Universiteto 3
LT-01513 Vilnius

Jurgis Barkauskas
Tel: +370 5 2336214




The staff in the Laboratory of Carbonaceous Materials at the Dept. of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Vilnius University (consisting of 1 research fellow, 1 PhD student and 4 master students; group leader Prof. J. Barkauskas) are skilled in the synthesis, characterization and application of nano-sized carbon structures. Methods include e.g. catalytic growth, arc discharge, laser ablation, chemical modification, production different nano-sized carbon particles in the laboratory. Synthesis, fractionation, separation with a wide range of methods and laboratory equipment.



  • nanotechnology
  • functionalization of carbon nanostructures with biological and bioactive species (enzymes, carbohydrates, nucleic acids)
  • nano-particles for specific adsorption of eg enzymes