Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas - Instituto de Carboquímica


Miguel Luesma Castan 4
50018 Zaragoza

Enrique Garcia-Bordeje
Tel: +34 976 73 39 77




The "Instituto de Carboquímica" is a public research Centre belonging to Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The Institute is located near the University of Zaragoza. The Institute is organised into three departments (Energy and Environment, Chemical Processes and Carbon Nanostructures and Nanotechnology) and six research groups.

The Institute is a centre with 24 permanent staff researchers (doctors) and 90 employees belonging to CSIC. The "Instituto de Carboquímica" has a high-level reputation on research areas with high social impact (climate change, air pollution, waste recovery and valorisation, etc.), strategic areas (hydrogen production, renewal fuels, advanced materials, etc.), as well as other fields of considerable social demand and research opportunities (nanoscience and nanotechnology, new molecular sensors, etc.).



  • carbon supported catalyst
  • chemical engineering
  • structured reactors
  • environmental catalytic technology