Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto - Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials (LCM)


Rua Dr. Roberto Frias
Porto 4200-465

Manuel Fernando Ribeiro Pereira
Tel: +351 225081468




The Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials (LCM) is an Investigation Unit of the Chemical Engineering Department of the Faculty of Engineering of the Porto University (FEUP). The FEUP adopted this designation in 1926, with origins that go back to the 18th century. In what concerns the LCM, the main objectives established back in 1991 when it was founded were: apply the Chemical Physics and Chemical Engineering principles to the development of new materials, new technologies and stimulate the advanced formation in these areas. Since 1999 the unit is autonomous. In 2004, the partnership LSRE-LCM was recognized as National Associated Laboratory. The LCM unit can be dissected in: (a) Permanent members (Staff); (b) Non-permanent members (Staff); (c) Post-doc. researchers, Ph.D. and M.Sc. students (Team). The permanent members are either teachers at FEUP or hired investigators which perform research activities at LCM. The non-permanent members are also teachers at other institutions, which do part of their research work in collaboration with LCM. Both permanent and non-permanent have a Ph.D. degree and are part of the somewhat static research staff.



  • catalytic water treatment
  • ozonation
  • environmental catalysis
  • nanostructured carbon materials