MEL Chemicals, a division of magnesium electro


Lumns Lane
Swinton, Manchester M27 8LS
United Kingdom

Hazel Stephenson
Tel: +44 161 911 1179




MEL Chemicals, based in the UK, is the world's leading manufacturer of zirconium chemicals and oxides. It has extensive expertise in the development and manufacture of powders for mobile and stationary gas processing and emission abatement systems in the Energy, Environment and Chemicals sectors. MEL Chemicals is owned by Luxfer Holdings plc. Our new technology has put our products at the cutting edge in many areas of pollution control, both in mobile sources such as petrol & diesel engines and stationery such as chemical plants. We have also developed a range of products which can selectively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. In order to maintain our leading position, we are constantly working on new technologies. We are currently a partner in the FP6 project 'Bigpower' where we are developing catalyst powders for biomass gasification.



  • manufacturer of zirconium oxides