Norta Ltd.


Savanoriu str. 290
LT-49473 Kaunas

Alexander Khinsky
Tel: +370 37 490090




The Norta Ltd. is a Lithuanian enterprise operating since 1991 and having continuous experience of 10 years in the field of catalytic coatings. It has total 130 employees and consists of two main departments: trade and scientific research. The central office is in Kaunas, Lithuania. The research is focused on the development of new, high-tech, high-efficiency materials and technologies for devices and installations for industrial, agricultural, and environmental application.

There are 18 employees working in the research and development department and 30 people additionally are working on subcontracting. One of the subjects of the R&D department is development of catalysts. Norta Ltd. has been working in the field of catalytic coatings for 10 years. The company has also developed the know-how in the thermal spraying technology. As a result, a new thermal spraying technology for manufacturing coatings of various compositions including catalysts on the base of metal strip substrate for various applications has been developed.



  • thermal spray coating
  • metal-base structured catalyst fabrication