Norwegian University of Science and Technolog - Department of Chemical Engineering


7491 Trondheim

Magnus Rönning
Tel: +47 73593149




The catalysis group of the Dept. of Chemical Engineering has long experience on design, synthesis and test of new nanomaterials for new energy production, natural gas conversion and renewable energy production. Since 2000, the carbon activity in the group has been significantly developed within the nationally coordinated project nanomaterials for hydrogen within the NANOMAT program, aiming at the synthesis and applications of CNF in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), alkali fuel cells, supercapacitors, as well as in catalyst supports for F-T, WGS and dehydrogenation reactions. The group has experience from projects using structured carbon-carbon composites as catalytic reactors. The group has been involved in process development for industrial scale production of carbon nanomaterials.



  • carbon nanofiber and nanotubes
  • carbon supported catalyst
  • chemical engineering
  • structured reactors
  • environmental catalytic technology