Universidad politécnica de Valencia - Instituto de Tecnología Química


Camino Vera s.n.
46022 Valencia

Antonio Eduardo Palomares
Tel: +34 9638 76377




The I.T.Q. (Instituto de Tecnología Química) is a joint research centre founded in 1990 by the U.P.V.L.C. (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia) and the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) sited in the Campus of the UPVLC. It is a centre for oriented research, equipped with the instruments necessary for carrying out scientific research in the field of Chemical Technology following research lines under the auspices of the Spanish National Plan, and European Plans and also with own funds. It is in direct touch with the Chemical Industry through research contracts, patent, explotation, and courses of formation.

The ITQ develops research in the following topics: Solid acid catalysts in processes of petrochemistry and refining, Molecular sieves as shape selective catalysts, Catalytic processes for selective oxidation of hydrocarbons, Molecular Dynamics, Treatment of industrial solid, liquid and gas wastes, Catalyst deactivation and reactor design and characterisation of catalysts. It is one of the most important institutes in Europe related with catalysis, being its director Avelino Corma a world reference in this field.



  • catalysis
  • catalytic water treatment
  • nitrate reduction
  • hydrotalcites