Geologicka 4
15200 Praha
Czech Republic

Tomas Lederer
Tel: +420 603 242 832




AQUATEST a.s. is an SME type of organisation with a size of about 200 employees. Its major activity is consultancy and remediation of polluted groundwater, surface water, wastewater, soil and aquifer materials. Activities also include recycling and waste management as well as water management. The company runs a fully accredited environmental laboratory, drilling equipments and well logging.

Besides consultancy, AQ has an extensive technical department oriented towards development of equipment for polluted water treatment, pilot technological units, mobile treatment stations. The research capacity of AQ concentrates on the development and testing of new detection and remedial methods and wastewater treatment processes. Within the international and national research projects AQ cooperates with universities, research centres and environmental consultancy companies from Czech, Europe and the USA.



  • groundwater and waste water treatment