Flemish Institute for Technological Research


Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol

Inge Genné
Tel: +32 14 33 57 40




VITO is an independent and client-oriented research organization with the status of being key player in European research and development. VITO performs applied and practical research and development relevant for industry and public authorities. With more than 550 highly qualified employees, VITO is the largest Flemish technological research organization. Energy, environment, sustainable development and technological innovation are important research themes.

Within the Unit Separation and Conversion technology, there is a long tradition and a strong focus on membrane technology and water treatment. More than 25 people are active in the field of membrane development (ceramic + polymeric), process design & control and application studies. Current research topics are focused on functionalized membranes, module development and membrane fouling detection.



  • suspension preparation
  • membrane casting and spinning
  • membrane characterization
  • module development, application testing