Functional membranes/filters with anti/lowfouling surfaces for water purification through selective adsorption on biobased nanocrystals/fibrils

Grant Agreement No 280519
EC Grant 3,820,899 €
Project duration 01/02/2012 - 31/01/2016
Coordinator LTU
Contact Aji P. Mathew (



NanoSelect aims to design, develop and optimize novel bio-based foams/filters/membranes/adsorbent materials with high and specific selectivity using nanocellulose/nanochitin and combinations thereof for decentralized industrial and domestic water treatment.

NanoSelect proposes a novel water purification approach combining the physical filtration process and the adsorption process exploring the capability of the nanocellulose and/or nanochitin to selectively adsorb, store and desorb contaminants from industrial water and drinking water while passing through a highly porous or permeable membrane. Functional external stimuli sensitive filter surfaces for reduced bio fouling and enhanced filter cleaning or intelligent design of membrane modules allowing self cleaning will be attempted for antifouling and to increase the service-life of the membranes.

NanoSelect focuses on the design, development and testing of membrane based prototypes in collaboration with industry with specific focus on the removal of toxic chemicals, heavy metal ions, pesticides, fertilizers etc from contaminated industrial water and portable modules with high selectivity towards bacteria for drinking water. In addition, the membranes will be evaluated for disposal by composting and its impact on environment, at the end-of-life. These biobased functional membranes provides a highly energy efficient but cheaper, biodegradable, non-toxic and green substrate for water treatment. The successful completion of NanoSelect will have far-reaching impact in decentralised water treatment technology in developing, transitional as well as the industralised countries.



  • Development of biobased nanoenhanced membranes with high efficiency and high selectivity for water treatment, with special focus on fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metal ions
  • Recovery of heavy metal ions from contaminated water
  • Development of biodegradable membranes which may be composted at end-of-life or converted into charcoal or activated carbon filters



Organisation Country Type of institution Contact
Lulea University of Technology Sweden Research and higher education
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Finland Research
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine UK Research and higher education
EMPA Materials Science and Technology Switzerland Research
University of Maribour Slovenia Research and higher education
Foundation for R&D in Nanotechnology Spain Research
Acondaqua Ingenieria del Agua SL Spain SME
Processum Sweden Industry
Alfa Laval Sweden Industry