Kawar Energy


Hanna Zaghloul
11118 Amman

Hanna Zaghloul
Tel: +962 65 6095000




Kawar Energy, an eco-friendly developer of technologies, solutions and services in the fields of energy, water and environment. KE focuses on projects that are clean, green and sustainable to help its clients in Jordan and the Middle East to effectively reduce and control their long-term energy bill, carbon footprint and ecological impact. To achieve this goal KE cooperates with some of the world's leading companies, associa-tions and consulting firms who are experienced in alternative and renewable energy sources (e.g. solar thermal, solar PV, wind and bio-fuel) as well as water recycling, de-salination, purification, carbon trading, capture and storage. Additionally KE works with companies that have the capabilities and technologies to capitalize on the natural resources that are commercially viable in Jordan such as Uranium and Oil Shale deposits with positive environmental impact. KE is the latest member of the Kawar Group, which reflects the group’s long-term interest in the energy field, especially renewable energy. In NATIOMEM, KAE will be responsible for the pilot plant testing in the Middle East (Jordan), as well as the investigation of commercial exploitation possibilities.



  • project implementation and uptake of new technologies
  • solar energy
  • waste water treatment
  • micro-pollutants removal