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Ole Grønborg Jensen
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Ole Grønborg Jensen
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Skjoelstrup & Groenborg ApS is a research based manufacturer of high quality, simple to operate, low cost, units and systems for municipal, commercial and industrial water treatment. SGR focuses on developing filtration technology based on the latest science and to make this technology available to the world market through a network of distributors and partners.

SGR develops and sells ultraviolet disinfection systems for aquaculture installations, develops Ultratherm technology for low pressure UV systems independent of the application temperature. Ultraviolet systems are now sold as ULTRAAQUA UV systems through distributors world wide for various disinfection applications. SGR has been the leading company worldwide to implement membrane filtration, a revolutionary water treatment technique, in aquarium and zoo projects. Years of research and field-testing were carried out before the first system was sold. The result is cleaner water than ever and increased water reuse, thus saving money for the customer. This technology is only sold directly from Skjoelstrup; Groenborg due to the high demand for know how. Complete water treatment systems for aquarium and zoo projects have been a growing market for SGR in recent years. Through research SGR found its own unique approach to filtration and many systems have been built.

Small scale water treatment systems for irrigation, fountains, sprinklers, mirror ponds and even artificial lakes have been a growing market as well. In many projects SGR has been able to both improve the overall beauty of the construction in the water landscape, and at the same time provide lower running cost than similar installations elsewhere.



  • water treatment
  • UD/UV disinfection
  • membrane filtration