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Tel Aviv University (TAU) is Israel’s largest university, with 26,000 students and 1,000 faculty members, and is rated 114 among the world’s universities. The proposed research will be conducted with the combined resources of the inter-faculty Electrical Discharge and Plasma Laboratory (EDPL), the Water ngineering Lab in the School of Mechanical Engineering, and the Hydrochemistry Laboratory in the Geography and Environment Department. The mission of the Electrical Discharge and Plasma Laboratory is to study both the fundamental physics of electrical discharges and the plasmas which they produce, and to develop applications using these plasmas. EDPL specializes in the study of the vacuum arc, and its application to coating and thin film deposition. The Water Engineering Laboratory is equipped with a UV bench scale and a UV flow-through reactor for disinfection/oxidation and basic water quality analysis. The Hydrochemistry Laboratory is equipped with advanced analytical equipment for pharmaceutical micro-contamination analysis, including a newly acquired HPLC-MS/MS for antibiotic detection.testing facilities. We are more than 800 employees worldwide.



  • vacuum arc deposition of oxides and nitrides, including TiO2
  • investigation of advanced oxidation treatments of water, including UV and submerged arc treatments for disinfection and micro-pollutant removal
  • functionalization of carbon nanostructures with biological and bioactive species (enzymes, carbohydrates, nucleic acids)
  • nano-particles for specific adsorption of eg enzymes