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Mark Baker
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The University of Surrey has 14,400 students and is one of the UK’s leading profes-sional, scientific and technological universities with a world class reputation for excel-lence in research and teaching. A recent UK research assessment exercise judged 89 % of the research conducted by the University to be of national or international importance and the university was ranked 5th in terms of the percentage of staff working in internationally-rated research areas. The university has an excellent track record of participating and managing EU projects within all thematic areas and their various activities. UoS is particularly well equipped to characterise engineered surfaces. The Surface Analysis Laboratory operates all classes of popular surface analysis instrumentation: XPS, AES/SAM, ToF-SIMS and AFM/STM. The laboratory houses two XPS instruments, two ToF-SIMS instruments, a Scanning Auger Microscope and four AFMs. The installed capital value of this instrumentation is of the order of £4M, and is the most complete cluster of such instrumentation certainly in Europe, and perhaps in the world. The laboratory was recently involved in the FP6 EU STREP, NANOSPIN. The MicroStructural Studies Unit (MSSU) is the electron microscopy centre for the university. The MSSU houses a Hitachi HD2300 STEM, a Philips CM200 TEM and three SEMs, an S-3200N Hitachi Variable Pressure Microscope, a Hitachi S-4000 Field Emission Microscope and a JEOL 8600 EDX/WDX microprobe. A Gatan Enfina PEELS system is fitted to the Hitachi HD2300. Both the S-3200N and 8600 have fully quantitative EDX analysis and mapping. A high temperature Panalytical XRD diffractometer is available within the Surrey Materials Institute.



  • surface characterization
  • microstructural studies