RWTH Aachen University - Department of Chemical Process Engineering


Turmstr. 46
52056 Aachen

Thomas Melin
Tel: +49 241 80 95470




RWTH Aachen University is one of Germanys largest technical universities, with 30000 students, 260 departments and 10,000 staff members. The Chemical Engineering Department (AVT), has more than 30 years of experience in all fields of membrane technology research, ranging from electrodialysis, micro- and ultrafiltration to gas permeation. It has also played a leading role in propagating membrane technology in Germany, through books, publications, courses on membrane processes and regular organization of membrane conference (Aachener Membran Kolloquium).



  • environmental technology
  • membranes
  • water treatment
  • process integration
  • modeling and simulation
  • life cycle assessment