Water treatment by molecularly imprinted materials

Grant Agreement No 226524
EC Grant 2,491,334 €
Project duration 01/05/2009 - 30/04/2012
Web http://lpre.cperi.certh.gr/watermim
Coordinator and contact CERTH - Costas Kiparissides



The WATERMIM project is focused on the advancement and optimization of the MIP technology in order to produce functional materials with well-defined morphologies with respect to pore structure and selectivity for water treatment applications. The project aims at the elimination of the random distribution and the uneven accessibility of receptor sites in the volume of the imprinted material that is crucial for its performance. Such novel materials will immediately gain practical relevance, especially, due to their increased selectivity and superior stability under long and harsh technical conditions.

The simultaneous optimization of the imprinting efficiency, polymer membrane morphology and separation conditions will enable the development of a truly molecular selective water purification process, based on affinity interactions that would have a large application impact on the water treatment industry. All types of synthetic organic compounds (i.e., triazines, pharmaceutical compounds and endocrine disruptors) are considered target compounds in the WATERMIM project.



  • Selection of template molecules and synthesis of required functional monomers
  • Optimization of MIP composition by computational design techniques and combinatorial screening
  • Synthesis of well-defined MIP nanoparticles and microgels by precipitation, emulsion and miniemulsion polymerization techniques
  • Production of novel composite membranes utilizing preformed MIP nanoparticles, by embedding nanoparticles either in a polymer matrix or between two stable membrane-type substrates (sandwich-type)
  • Production of composite filters both on organic and inorganic supports via novel grafting techniques
  • Synthesis of molecularly imprinted membranes (MIMs) for molecular sensor applications
  • Separation and catalytic decomposition of the pollutants
  • Advanced monitoring of the target compounds
  • Benchmark testing of the produced MIMs for water purification



Organisation Country Type of institution Contact
Centre for Research & Technology Hellas Greece R&D on natural sciences and engineering Costas Kiparissides
Lund University Sweden Higher Education Lei Ye
Cranfield University UK Higher Education Sergey Piletsky
University of Kalmar Sweden Higher Education Ian Nicholls
University of Dortmund Germany Higher Education Borje Sellergren
University of Stuttgart Germany Higher Education Guenter Tovar
Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute Germany Research Organization Klaus-Dieter Vorlop
KeraNor AS Norway Manufacturer (machinery & equipment) Bernt Thorstensen
MIP Technologies AB Sweden Manufacturer (Chemicals & man-made fibres) Anthony Rees