KeraNor AS


Brobekkveien 104 A
0582 Oslo

Bernt Thorstensen
Tel: +47 22 881323




KeraNor is a limited company, located in Oslo, Norway, and since 1999 with its own production facility. The Business activities of KeraNor include: development, production and supply of flat, ceramic filters, membranes and porous plates, to customers that produce, develop and/or use industrial equipment containing such components. KeraNor´s products include filters, membranes and membrane reactors for micro-, ultra- and nano-filtration purposes. The membranes available are alumina-, zirconia- and titania-based. Also ceramic porous host plates for composite (CMC) components are available for impregnation with metals, ceramics or polymers. KeraNor also develops materials for porous products with special corrosion resistant properties. The company presently engages five employees.



  • producer of ceramic membranes and porous materials