Lund University


Getingevagen 60
22100 Lund

Lei Ye
Tel: +46 46 2229560




Lund University, with seven faculties and a number of research centers and specialized institutes, is one of the largest universities in Scandinavia. At present, more than 40.000 students are enrolled at Lund University and altogether some 6.000 people are employed.

The Division of Pure and Applied Biochemistry is a part of the Center for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, one of the largest chemical centers world-wide. The Department, with 30 active researchers and technical personnel, is mainly active in the fields of bioseparation technology, genetic engineering, biosensors and molecular imprinting research.



  • Design, synthesis and characterization of functional monomers, pre-polymers and molecularly imprinted polymers
  • development of nanofiber-based membranes
  • stability and selectivity studies and binding kinetics of MIMs and advanced sensing platforms
  • separation and decomposition of target pollutants