MIP Technologies AB


Research Park Ideon, Box 737
22007 Lund

Anthony Rees
Tel: +46 46 163919




MIP Technologies is a biotechnology company working at the boundary between chemistry and material science. The company uses proprietary technology based on molecularly imprinted polymers for the development of separation products. In addition to strong know-how and intellectual property, the company has developed a technology platform enabling a rapid and economic development of custom made Separation Phases with superior properties. A key advantage of these phases is that they are ‘selective’, leading to higher sensitivity, better efficiency and improved productivity in the separation or extraction of chemical compounds from complex mixtures.

MIP Technologies is a pioneer in the commercial applications of molecular imprinting and is located in Lund, Sweden. MIP Technologies has an experienced management team and highly qualified employees dedicated to the task of developing and commercializing Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for selective separations. More specifically, MIPTech currently has 21 persons of whom about half have PhD degrees.



  • novel separation materials
  • design, development and manufacture of molecularly imprinted polymers