University of Dortmund - Institute of Environmental Research


August-Schmidt-Str. 4
44227 Dortmund

Borje Sellergren
Tel: +49 231 755 4082




The UDO is an expert group in molecular imprinting and related supramolecular, polymer and materials chemistry. Highlights among the recent contributions from this group include: Stoichiometrically imprinted receptors for water-soluble vitamins and antibiotics; Urea based oxyanion host monomers with optical signalling properties; Thin film composite materials prepared by "grafting from" combined with controlled radical polymerisation (CRP) techniques; Hierarchically imprinted materials; Peptide and phosphopeptide receptors by epitope imprinting; Systems for enhanced throughput synthesis and evaluation techniques for MIPs. Other contributions include: The first example of using imprinted materials in solid phase extraction; The first example of imprinted materials in capillary electrochromatography; An in depth study of retention mechanism and polymer structural effects on the recognition properties.



  • molecular imprinting
  • polymer and materials chemistry
  • separation sciencey